Weasels Laugh


The door’s locked,

The stone is tight

The key is turned

Still cracks of light

Seep through in shadows weird and strange

And voices call and thoughts derange

The peace and tranquil tomb around

My door, and entwine their fronds

Around my perfect peas carved space by space

Each pea perfect in its place

And shake my charnel house to life

And bone dust flecks fly to the light

With manic chuckles, taunting thoughts

Of bouncing peas and freedom paths


but all stones neatly laid lead

To other doors with carvings strange

And names deciphered too late

To flee

And run back to the door you know

The door you bolted long ago

Against the cold, the laughing stoats.

The weasels got you by the throat

And paced the days out one by one

Until the chaos had begun

To trance you, lull you back to sleep

In sweet illusion of deep peace

And weeds entangled thoughts of theirs

In with your falling, shedding hairs

And tight their grip on hope and glee

With grips and prickles plain to see

Til pained you carve the dates and thoughts

Forget the freedom that you bought

And hug the earth towards you tight

And pack it closely as you might

So nothing more can fill the cracks

And minds cannot tell what they lack.

Footsteps fade from down the path,

The echo’s gone, and weasels laugh.


The weasel and the pea


The least beast weasel grates on the nerves

Of stoats in coats,

When there are cluttering colanders

To consider.

Boats edge moats,

They floats.

The oily water laps

Taps turn and fill,


My head is like a sieve full of peas,


Dead bees

And cheese.

The least beast weasel greets the lost pea,

The one that got away.

They have not got much to say

To one another

For one is a weasel

And the other is pea.

The weasel considers and then delivers his verdict,

The pea deserves it.  He’s heard it

But not absorbed it.

He’s glad, in a way, for freedom is kinda lonely,

Especially when you’re the only


Slow shrivelling death by drying.

Is the verdict.

The least beast weasel grates and greets,

And the pea is squashed beneath his pitter patter feet.