The cave peas




The space peas could fizz through time and space,

They burst through the ages and left me in this place:

At the mouth of the cave in the pitch, black light

The cave peas slumbered out of sight,

out of mind and out of place

And their dream-shapes flickered and brushed my face,

A black-foot deer chasing cave walls and ceilings,

A tree man with a beard and a face full of feelings.

And the sweet-pea babies breathed deep and breathed calm,

And the darkness soothed their troubles and kept them from harm,

And the dark cave safety was so somnolent and warm.

A thousand miles away from the sky so black and chill,

and the vultures circling waiting for the kill,

And their minds woke slowly to the soothing light of dawn,

And then I realise, I have been here before.


Space peas vs pomegranates

The battle’s over before it’s begun,
A spark inside each head and the space peas have won.
The frazzled and rambling pomegranate minds
Roll their little bodies over,
compliant into their coffin so shiny and silver,
Where they writhe and crunch as
Red juice creeps out and away, painfully.
The lid glides shut silently and all is dark.
The space peas roll slowly on,
their conscience is a pile of ice cold ash,
their hearts shine, mercilessly.