Dadabot decides to live inside a glass pea


Dadabot up

Dadabot down

Dadabot had enough of this town

Thought a home, inside the house,

And it grew like thoughts come seeping out,

Hypnotic, spasmodic little shiny piece by piece,

Grew a bubble over my head

And shiny slippers for my feet,

And glass dripped down and masked my face,

And shards fused together to make my place,

And i touched the gleam with cold hands,

As it trapped me in its bubble so periodic,

Green and frogmotic,

Greeny gleamy sheeny inbetweeny

I could see out the cracks,

But i soon stopped that and feasted my little eyes

On the smooth shell hypnotic all around me.

It glows the outside and glares it from my mind,

And my thoughts with it are neatly twined,

Here glass, sphere glass perfection is my predilection.

My direction, well, is my pea’s for we roll as one.

This is where my world begun.

The light trapped out, the light trapped in,

A perfect pea with me within.

I lick the smooth surface of my prison and drool,

I can’t get enough of my green whirlpool,

Where thoughts are swirling cool and cold,

In my bubble i’ll grown old,

And rust away.

We’ll roll together down the way,

Over the hills and far away.


Night time singing





Black black oil windows,

Glass cracking oily breaking

Groaning low deep melody

Seeping seeping, leaking

Night time singing

Bringing sounds, smells,

Sparkles lighting, brighting

Hopeless insubstantial glitter

Pulling black, night-light

Wind in my hair

I have no hair

Whip-lash rocks

Crashing waves

Face numb

Been alive

Still was

Am was

Whipped face numb

Rain lashing

sparked wiring

Fizzed in places

i had never fizzed


Wake up sea, whipped lightning

Sea sung to me.

Take the key

That sits on the polished table

In pride of place

And open the door

That you made and painted

To the prison that you made and painted

and flee with all you want to free.

Before it is too late.

Already you are the gaoler

But you admire your smooth self

When you look at your face trapped

In the permafrost mirror

Above the polished table