Special needs

Labyrinthine places interlacing,
Serpentine rules of social placing,
Entwining, divining. Fault-finding.
Tubular footfall hollow and shrill,
Rules and regulation behaviour modification drill.
Twisty, misty Podular slopes.
Modular confusion.
Artificial brighting,
No fighting.
Yellow, blue and red hues only,
Windows in and no way out,
Never ending
Mind bending
Consciousness modulated
Socialisation complemented
With physical prowess for its own sake.
Discard down the chute the lonely or the insane,
Or those who washed your targets down the drain.
Let the thoughtless clamber, limber, over their sedated bones below,
Rattling their own rhythms (fools)
As they contemplate the weight of disapproval
Crushing them to a more palatable flavour,
Like coffee beans crushed, mushed and discarded.
Their thoughts have parted company with the course of history,
Determined by brusque and muscular brains who never pause for thought,
Save to congratulate themselves.
And so, doughnut, time plods on blissful and unaware without you,
Mongrel retard and remedial reject that you are.
Just coz you can see the stars
And hear their cold disapproving paternal laughter too
Does not make you
One of us.


Perfect Pea Protocol and Primordial Pea Procedures

Systems, efficient systems and

sweet, seamless, standard operating procedures (SSSOP)

Perfect pea protocol

and primordial pea procedures (PPPPPP)

Line them up, pea by pea,

Sit them in silence not a pea out of place (POOP),

Tell them they’re a disgrace,

Drill them with drive,

To keep them just alive.

Sit them in rows,

Not passive, not assertive,

Not different, not the same,

Allow them a voice,

As long as it is one voice and it is

Green, and sweetly deferentially pleasant.


If a pea is out of place then

Send the pea out of this place

And roll the sweet rows back again,

As if the rogue pea never was.

And never will be.

There is no space for chaos here.

Anger can be managed

And behaviour modified.


If we let chaos in we may never get out.

Wait at the door to count them in and out

And shout


While recording precisely the time of counting and the


And the what for.

Share the counting and time of counting

Countless times to other watchers

And interested parties

So that they too can

Shout the chaos down.

Be sure to set a target for the next counting,

And count up and down again to calm

Your steely nerves

Ready for more


And counting.