peas and ketchup

Vast door looms me in like

It was all inevitable

The ceiling reaches for the stars while


i clutch the floor where scattered peas lay

shelled, felled

dwelling in the here and now

to hear the few daring amongst their number

who dance on keys both black and white

meanwhile pygmies laugh and light

psychotic candles brows furrowing

in bemusement

as the peas dance faster and more schizchordant,

discordant gorging of fellow vegetables

pervades the sterile night purity

as the door creaks shut.

Savage officials scatter ketchup in nonchalant cascades across

The tiled floor

And the peas roll jubilant

In their decadence.

Frenzied folk frop and frip while

Ketchup drips

And springs twang escapism-like

From said piano

Not liking songs canine

The tinkling ivories object most profusely

To howling, growling,

Scowling, simon cowling

And prowling.

I creep for the door,

Feeling more than i did before.


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