When they are missing, part of me is too,

When they are hiding, I hide away thoughts too deep to undig

And scatter earth on plans and places.

When they search for chaos they find me there

Peering in, or out,

Not sure any more which side of the glass I’m on

But it makes no sense in either place.

Trains in the night to places where promises

Are spoken and broken;

People they don’t know,

Nowhere to go.

It’s all the same whichever name

You attach to the face, the place, the space…

You can never reach them because

Someone lost them a long time ago.

They slipped mindlessly over the border

Into oblivion

And went missing from their own life

Years before anyone noticed

The light in their eyes had gone out.

The number you have dialled has not been recognised

And even their name runs away from them,

Fleeing half-heartedly for its life.