shouting, counting and apocalyptic grouting

Reason for shouting: counting

Reason for counting: shouting

Department: apocalyptic grouting

Date of shouting: subsequent to the counting

Date of counting: prior to the shouting

Overview of shouting/counting event (include witness statements): (SHOUTING) SHOUNTING

Triggers of this behaviour: anticipation of this meeting, putative future allergic reaction to grouting (needs further investigation)

Refer to: Early anticipation shounting risk management and fudge minimisation team (EASRMFM)


more shouting

More counting

Avoid breading/shredding/dreading or treading on badgers

Eat less fudge on Tuesday afternoons

Does this record reflect accurately the view of you, the service user: badgers?

Did anyone help you to complete this form: fudge

Signed: unique pupil number 10785678934590357894980639089458907350

Who was present at this meeting: those not absent.

Apologies: I’m sorry about the badgers.