Dadabot discovers music (or Ode to Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci)


Music jabs my mind like a red hot poker,

My wobble knees are jelly and my ears are ochre,

Stars crescendo through the sky

A thousand jangles spangle high,

My four destined walls are crumbling


Everything I knew is tumbling, tumbling

Something inside me is mumbling

Giggling in disbelief

that all the while this sound exists

And no-one ever told me

The pipe could blow so woe-bely

There is someone out there singing just for me

His voice crashed through the dark places

In my mind

And set the captives free,

Scattering peas and cactus juice,

Shaking all the structures loose,

I sit in my prison,

But the walls are illusory

For someone sung me awake.

Or bit me like a writhing snake

And posion fires me up and frees me

From dead lulling beats that I knew before

Your  voice showed me the door.