Litter the life floor, or Dadabot takes the lift

Dadabot grows older.  He is moved from a building with stairs 
to one with a lift.

Time passed has
Words not peas
                   But words are peas
                   And order.
They took me
They placed me perfectly in a placement befitting my nature
                    Or lack of nature
                    The lights brightle me and quake
Shaking certainty.
That’s not for I, but for them,
                They have become and are something.
                Spakkley lights glomble said I
There’s no stairs here.
My order has become lifted,
              And I place my peas in permutations on the floor,
              Complex beyond your frail imaginings
And press the lift button.
I long to press the emergency button
             But fear where they would take me next
             Were I to so transgress.
Zoom and burr the lift whirrs,
And I never know what lies inbetween,
            Any more.
            Perhaps there will be a problem with the door.
I think the peas are speaking to me,
And the earth bends strangely all around.
            The journey here hurt my brain,
            And I heard cries of voices all around.
But I saw more,
Buildings bending towards the core,
           And wonder if they are filled,
          With beings like me going up and down,
Gazing on their complicated pea permutations,
Which litter the life floor.

7 responses to “Litter the life floor, or Dadabot takes the lift

  1. wow that was a mind trip…but i enjoyed it…the things our mind tells us…padlock the cereal, maybe its captain crunch and well worth it…very dali

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