faces come out of the rain

Here is a poem inspired by People Are Strange written by Jim Morrison, thanks Onestoppoetry for such an inspiring prompt!

When you’re strange, faces come out of the rain,

Silver stars spangle to a smooth, gleaming platinum-faced figure,

Her eyes lined with sparkling peacock feathers, emerald green.

“You’re in chains” she gloats,

To which you shudder, turn on your heel under your black umbrella,

Hug your grey mac to your caving chest

And clutch your chains tighter.

They are comfortable, yet cold.  Familiar and heavy.

Then the face appears again, droplet by droplet.

Voice like deep drowning pools, whirling,

Come with me, she says, and throws open the loft door to the sky,

Deftly pulling the same old gleaming ladder downwards, just like last time.

Infinite steps shoot upwards, and distant voices murmur down the stairs

“tough yoghurt”


“philosophical turnips”.

The voices seem to be hiding something.

You conclude it is the door to madness,

While you pause to avoid the dragon coming out of the bakery.

As you run away from rain-woman,

She winks a knowing pea-eye at you.

She knows exactly where to find you next time.

Or perhaps you knew where to find her.


2 responses to “faces come out of the rain

  1. ha – love it
    I think you and I could be found on the same side of the planet
    you dancing in peas and I in moondust

    thanks for liking the prompt…

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