Pea crumble – or a day in the life of a dadabot

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Order words better sense in make
     they said
Meaning is meaning something for someone
        but not I.
Peas not words,
          spaced placed and counted,
recounted for smug making correctness
            for if one should go
I would crumble
              away forceps.
Pineapple crumble notwithstanding
                upstairs I go
and down
                  on each stair a pea I place
I know my place
                    and it is peas.
When I reach the top I begin
                       at the bottom again and I count
and place and savour the black and white and green
                    perfect world of up and downess
Every pea in its place
                my pea place in
Every door leads to another door
              so it seems but all peas are the same and all doors are peas
Order they said, only obeying orders and
           food your order
I order my peas and they order me
        Order of the day
     And then down
     SpOrADic FaNTaSiEs of SQUasHiNg ThE PEaS
with interspersed with animate teapots
           I am one with the peas
One pea is gone.
I crumble.

Thanks so much for this award - found some fab poets and inspiration on
this site, especially, and I'd like to nominate
Will put a haiku underneath here when inspiration strikes!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I crumble.