Dadabot sits down to watch tv one summer’s eve.  He’s not sure whether he was just willed into being or arrived on a spaceship from somewhere, but either way, he is confused by the advert breaks – thanks to for inspiring this!

He of frugal protocol rhubarb delicious

An accident had at home


And he did but pretend nonchalance

All the while cows laughed.

Fungal toe infection clutches

Standard operating procedure

Part of asking questions urgently

Beautiful ladies, handmaidens of Venus

Swim, dance, sing and.

Perfect match another hygienic somewhat.


There is never enough time

Peas are shown, green, grown,

Fresh, frozen, five a day

Seeing that birds eyes are taken they see no more.

Freeze your elvish wrinkles, swish.

Peas freeze,

Knees on yours again.  Pout.

Eat more peas.

Count how many peas so that

Fat you are not.

And free


Points mean prizes and peas are points.

Lots of points.

Points need protecting with he.

To be free.


Questioning quality pervades eyelashes,

Long.ones and

the asks when ambient treacle

Rescues pandas sobbing.