the pea fool

The trees part and there it is.

A perfect circle of peas,

evenly spaced,

And coolly waiting.

I look around, at the branches bent and dripping,

The mulchy leaves and moss a soft carpet

Rolled up to the stage.

I feel a fool,

But I step inside the circle,

Hoping against hope no-one will find me here.

A black lightning flash, so bright it’s darkness could pull you under,

Electric against a blank sky.

if I wanted i could reach and rip

And roll the sky away to see what lies beyond.

My hands tingle, and a moment sizzles.

I hold green fire in the palms of my hands.

And know I could hurl a firebolt at doubt,

At questions there is no certainty as to the point of asking,

At my demons lurking in the branches ready to

Devour me with shrieks.

I raise my hands above my head,

The earth tremors.

And then the moment passes,

And I am merely a fool

Standing in a circle of peas,

Reaching out my hands,

In the rain.